Executive Programs

Executive Programs

Creating a Sustainable Organisation – Sustainability for Executives

There is increasing political and social expectation/pressure for organisations to be ‘more sustainable’ and ‘environmentally minded’.  As well as assisting in meeting regulatory obligations, statistics clearly show that a well designed sustainability policy that is embraced by the entire workforce can have significant positive impact on efficiencies and, of course, profitability. However, one of the major problems for many Australian...

Exploiting a Downturn – Developing Competitive Advantage

Market conditions, such as a ‘competition rich’ field or an economic slowdown, can often make it extremely difficult to find the competitive advantages required to ensure that an organisation leads its field. However, history shows that, even during extremely challenging periods such as the Great Depression, there were many organisations that, through the use of good market analysis and opportunity identification, developed sound strategies t...

Leading Change – Change Management for Executives

Ensuring the successful implementation of new strategies, systems, and/or processes requires an organisation’s Executives and Senior Managers to have a thorough understanding of the effect this change will have on the organisation and its workforce and how to instigate this change with the minimum of negative impact. The Rhodes Business School ‘Leading Change - Change Management for Executives’ training program has therefore been develop...

The Inspirational Leader – Level 3. Organisational Leadership

The success of an organisation relies largely on the leadership abilities of its Senior Managers and Executives. The Rhodes Business School ‘The Inspirational Leader - Organisational Leadership' executive training program has therefore been developed to provide senior managers and executives with the knowledge and skills required to highly effectively engage, motivate, and lead their workforce in line with organisational strategies and to ensur...

The Strategic Leader – Organisational Strategy Development

It is the goal (and a role requirement) of all business leaders to develop winning strategies that will guarantee the success of the organisation, however, for many Senior Managers and Executives this is far easier said than done. In order to formulate a successful strategy, it is essential that one first learns how to think in a way that promotes the use of (and combines) rational and intuitive thinking, takes various strategic perspectives i...

The Winning Edge – Business Acumen for Executives

Whilst in-depth knowledge and experience of an industry is undoubtedly the cornerstone of effective executive decision making, to truly excel, an organisation’s executive team requires ‘business acumen’, which has been described as ‘an intuitive understanding of how organisations make money and the ability to develop a ‘compelling vision’ and translate that vision into an actionable strategy’. The Rhodes Business School ‘The Wi...

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