Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Training Courses

Coaching & Mentoring Skills Program: The Mentoring Manager – Coaching & Mentoring Your Team Members to Succeed

A positive relationship between a Manager/Supervisor/Team Leader and his or her team members is unquestionably the most important element in ensuring team engagement, motivation, contentment, and, of course, productivity. Rhodes Business School's ‘The Mentoring Manager – Coaching & Mentoring Your Team Members to Succeed' is a unique, interactive, and highly engaging training program that has been specifically designed for anyone whose r...

Communication Skills Program: Communicating With Influence – Keeping Your Communication Positive & Powerful

For an organisation to operate at peak performance levels its workforce must be able to communicate effectively, especially its Team Leaders/Supervisors/Managers. Rhodes Business School's ‘Communicating With Influence – Keeping Your Communication Positive & Powerful' is a unique, interactive, and highly engaging training program that has been developed to provide the skills and knowledge required to communicate effectively and, as a resu...

Diversity Awareness & Management Program: Strength Through Diversity – Understanding the Unique Needs & Benefits of a Diverse Team

The typical Australian organisation now employs an extremely diverse workforce in terms of nationality, gender, race, religion, language, age, etc , which can present some unique challenges for Team-Members, Managers, Team Leaders, and Supervisors. Rhodes Business School's ‘Strength Through Diversity – Understanding the Unique Needs & Benefits of a Diverse Team' is a unique, interactive, and highly engaging Diversity Awareness traini...

Emotional Intelligence Program: The Insightful Leader – Recognising Personality Types & Knowing the Best Way to Lead Them

A team’s effectiveness is greatly affected (both positively and negatively) by its members' emotional and social behaviours – indeed, statistics clearly show that emotional intelligence issues can affect performance by as much as 90%. An ability to manage responses to certain situations is therefore proven to have an extremely positive impact on the effectiveness of individuals and their teams, resulting in significantly improved efficiency, ...

Influence, Negotiation, & Conflict Resolution Program: The ‘Win-Win’ Negotiator – Negotiating Successful Outcomes

Many of the skills/disciplines required to effectively ‘Influence’ and ‘Negotiate’ in the workplace are standard for most modern businesses and, therefore, have a significant impact on successful team and/or organisational management (including, of course, conflict resolution) and the management of relationships/agreements with external clients and service providers. Rhodes Business School's ‘The ‘Win-Win’ Negotiator – Negotia...

Leadership Skills Program: The Inspirational Leader – Level 1. Frontline Leadership & Level 2. Middle Managers

Rhodes Business School's ‘The Inspirational Leader' is a unique, interactive, and highly engaging, Leadership Skills training program (built into three distinct levels: Level 1 - Frontline Management, Level 2: Middle Managers, and Level 3: Executive) that has been specifically designed for anyone whose role requires that they manage in a way that will ensure maximum team/organisational effectiveness, cooperation, reliability, effectiveness, mo...

Managing Workplace Bullying Program: The Bully-Free Zone – Ensuring Your Workplace is Free of Discrimination & Harassment

Aside from the fact that a lack of understanding of (and adherence to) the Australian anti-discrimination laws and ‘Fair Work Act’ can result in significant penalties for employers, a workplace, manager, and/or team that does not recognise and embrace the benefits of a ‘just’ and ‘respectful’ workplace will inevitably suffer from higher levels of conflict, dissension, and absenteeism, and lower levels of engagement, innovation, produc...

Multi-Generational Management Program: The XYZ Conundrum – Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Whilst ‘Generation X’ and ‘Baby Boomers’ continue to make up a considerable percentage of the workforce, the percentage of ‘Generation Y’ is rapidly growing, meaning the characteristics of this demographic is having an ever increasing effect on the culture of teams, workplaces, and organisations. What's more, 'Generation Z' is set to join the workforce from 2016! Rhodes Business School's ‘The XYZ Conundrum – Managing A Multi-G...

Remote Team Management Program: Leading From Afar – Successfully Managing Teams at a Distance

Many Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Managers are tasked with managing remote teams, often with limited contact for days, and even weeks, on end. To do this successfully requires an ability to establish clear, reliable lines of communication, develop a strong team culture/identity, implement systems (both technical and social) that ensure adherence to organisational standards and outcomes of the highest levels, and, perhaps most importantly, build...

Safety Leadership Program: Engaged For Safety – Developing Your Staff’s Safety Mindset

It is the responsibility of the entire workforce to create and maintain a safe, incident-free workplace, with increased emphasis placed on those people in supervisory, management, and (in an era of ‘corporate culpability’) even executive positions. Whilst standard WHS training will provide participants with the ‘procedural’ knowledge and skills to identify and deal with potential risk/safety hazards, if the entire workforce does not po...

Team Building Program: Building Better Teams – Maximising Your Teams Engagement, Interactivity, & Productivity

The effectiveness of a team is directly related to its ability to perform as a cohesive, cooperative unit pulling together to achieve a shared goal. The ability for the Team Leader/Supervisor/Manager to implement strategies to ensure team unity is therefore an absolute necessity if maximum productivity (and therefore profitability) is to be achieved. Rhodes Business School's ‘Building Better Teams – Maximising Your Teams Engagement, Inter...

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