Specialised Training Courses

Specialised Training Courses

Doing Business in Asia (Culture) – Understanding the unique ways of doing business in Asia

Whilst there is unquestionably a huge amount of business to be won in Asia, a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of Asian business etiquette can often be the difference between securing a contract or not. Rhodes Business School's ‘Doing Business With Asia (Culture) – Understanding the Unique Ways of Doing Business in Asia' is a unique, interactive, and highly engaging program that has been developed to provide participants with a ...

Doing Business with Asia (Language) – Developing Basic Asian Business Language Skills

Successfully doing business in the Chinese economies of Asia (e.g. The People's Republic of China (PRC), Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, etc) requires an understanding of the fundamentals of Chinese language and the Chinese business cultures of Asia. Typically, written Chinese and spoken Mandarin is used in these economies and the business person who can understand and speak Mandarin therefore has a distinct advantage over competitors t...

Excellence in Worksite Management – Ensuring Your Worksite Teams Operate at Peak Performance

Rhodes Business School's ‘Excellence in Worksite Management' is a unique, interactive, and highly engaging training program designed to help site Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, and team members to understand their roles, and the impact of their roles on the culture and performance of their site and project's success. The program maintains emphasis on the roles of site manager and team leader in creating, managing, and maintaining a su...

Fully Contextualised Bespoke Programs

One of the cornerstones of Rhodes Business School’s success is programs that are already aligned to the needs of the industries we specialise in servicing. However, there are occasions when our clients require training programs that are unique in nature and/or require highly specific, ‘ground-up’, contextualisation to the needs of the organisation. Due to our experience in (and knowledge of) the industries we service, our industry leadin...

Graduate Development Programs – Creating Future Leaders

With demand for the best Australian Graduates at an all-time high (resulting in stiff competition for them), attracting and retaining the most outstanding candidates for your organisation is no longer as simple as offering a good salary package. Today’s Graduates are ambitious and highly motivated to move quickly along the career pathway, so it comes as no surprise that statistics clearly show that they are increasingly choosing to join orga...

Impact Leadership – Developing Highly Effective Leadership Skills

Rhodes Business School's ‘Impact Leadership - Developing Highly Effective Leadership Skills' training program is a unique course designed to significantly improve the leadership capabilities of managers and therefore the productivity of their teams. Delivered over three days, these highly interactive workshops will assist participants to improve their self-awareness and assertiveness, and increase their engagement with (and performance of)...

Indigenous Program: Tomorrow’s Indigenous Leaders – Indigenous leadership development program

Whilst many organisations have successfully engaged with Aboriginal and/or Torres Straight communities/individuals to increase the number of indigenous employees in their workforce, statistics clearly show that an alarmingly low number of indigenous staff members have climbed the promotional/leadership ladder. Rhodes Business School has therefore worked closely with various indigenous groups and consultants to develop the ‘Indigenous Leaders...

Leading Project Success – Bringing Projects in On-Time & In-Budget

Rhodes Business School's ‘Leading Project Success – Bringing projects in on-time and in-budget' is a unique program designed to develop the leadership capabilities of Project Managers and people managing parts of projects. These three-day interactive and highly engaging workshops will assist participants to improve their self-awareness and assertiveness, and increase their engagement with (and performance of) their project team and their...

Life after Retrenchment – Preparing Retrenched Staff for Success After Your Organisation

It is an unfortunate fact that due to the inevitable ups and downs of markets, some companies will face the unenviable need to retrench staff. The prospect of life after retrenchment can be an extremely daunting one, especially if the member of staff has been working for the company for some time. However, if properly prepared, it is possible for such a situation to provide new and exciting opportunities. Rhodes Business School has therefor...

So You Survived the Downsize…What’s Next? – Keeping Staff Engaged, Positive, & Productive after a Downsize

It is an unfortunate fact that due to the inevitable ups and downs of markets, some companies will face the unenviable need to retrench staff. Whilst many organisations focus (understandably) on the issues of those that have been retrenched (for which RBS offers the unique 'Life after Retrenchment - Preparing retrenched staff for success after your organisation' program), often the needs of the remaining staff are overlooked, an issue that if ...

The Commando Leadership Academy – Nine ‘Missions’ to Leadership Success

Leadership does not happen by accident - Leadership happens by design! In a constantly changing and volatile business world, we continually ask more of our employees and leaders. It is often a case of ‘sink or swim’ as we drop under-prepared leaders in to a role that they feel ill-equipped to deal with. For a commando, this would be fatal. For a business, the same is true…even the best strategy won’t survive poor execution! Most ma...

The Six-Day MBA – Developing the Twelve Essential Management Capabilities of an MBA

MBAs have been proven to significantly increase the confidence, competence, knowledge, and skills of Managers and Executives the world over and, as a result, produce an extremely positive impact on the fortunes of the organisations they work for. However, taking a full MBA whilst working full-time can take five years or more to complete, meaning the organisation often has to wait a great deal of time to see the benefits of such a program. Rhod...

The Winning Workforce – Creating a Culture of Success

There are many parts to ensuring a successful organisation, including winning strategies, strong leadership, a technically capable workforce, dynamic systems and processes, etc. However, almost all business consultancies will list ‘culture’ as the most important aspect of success…i.e. if your entire organisation doesn’t have a culture that is aligned to achieving its goals; it will almost certainly fall short. Rhodes Business School’...

Women in a Male-Dominant Workplace – Understanding the Needs of Female Members of Staff and/or Managers Working in Male-Dominant Teams

Many industries that have traditionally had a ‘male only’ workforce are increasingly employing female staff. However, whilst the benefits of a mixed gender workforce are now well established, women continue to make up just a small percentage of most teams, which can provide some unique issues for the women in the predominately male team, men adjusting to female members joining their team, women managing teams of men, and, of course, for manag...

Workforce Planning – Maximising Profits via Efficient Workforce Planning

With payroll often accounting for as much as 80% or more of an organisation's operating costs, badly managed and/or disorganised scheduling of workforce shifts (such as the use of overtime and/or temp staff in place of full-time workers) can have a significant negative effect on an organisation's bottom line. An understanding of effective workforce planning and the implementation and use of appropriate systems can, therefore, produce a more effic...

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