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Rhodes Business School (RBS) is an Australian education provider that has been at the cutting edge of Business and Management education for close to 10 years. RBS is a great believer in developing a participant’s capability which, in our view, is the optimum outcome from education. Many education providers focus on knowledge as the primary objective. At RBS, we aim to develop our students with a well-rounded approach.

Knowledge + Capability = Quality Outcomes.

We encourage you to explore our delivery model and the opportunity it provides for students to be a part of the   global education community.

About Diploma of Business Program

The Rhodes Business School Diploma of Business (In School) program is a recognised VET qualification enabling students to complete their general education curriculum and work towards completing their senior secondary certificate, whilst also earning credit points towards their future studies.
Upon completion of the Diploma, students will gain credit to enter into the first year of a Bachelor-level program, and will be able to choose from a variety of universities and specialisations, both in Australia and overseas.

RBS boasts the most relevant and flexible (In School) program in Australia. Students are treated to quality engaging learning, university preparation and to ongoing personal support. RBS and its university partners provide pathways for students to gain practical business experience whilst allowing them to put classroom theories to the test in the real world.

Our program is specifically designed to cater for Year 11 and 12 students. Classes are held at your school either within school time or after school hours (depending on the selected model). We also conduct intensive holiday workshops to give students additional support and guidance. Please note students are required to enrol no later than the start of Term 1 to complete the Diploma by the QCE reporting date.

The RBS Diploma of Business equates to a rank of 82, or an OP9 equivalent (QTAC Guide 2015).

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