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Rhodes Business School is one of Australia’s leading education providers, delivering a wide range of programs, from qualifications for students looking for pathways into university, through to business and management corporate capability development solutions, and custom senior management and executive’s programs.

Rhodes maintains its position as a benchmark provider of learning solutions via a leadership team that boasts over 110 years’ experience in the sector, ranging across Higher Education, Vocational Education and customised in-house training. The leadership team is supported by industry leading academics and facilitators, widely recognised as being among the best in Australia.

In addition to providing learning solutions across Australia, Rhodes Business School is well placed to provide the latest educational solutions internationally, with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, The United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka.

Rhodes Business School’s fundamental goal is ‘to be recognised as the benchmark for business and management training programs in Australia…that when a resume lists a Rhodes Business School program, it guarantees that the person has attended training that ensures improvement in confidence, capability, and performance’.



Our Guiding Principles

Rhodes Business School’s core principles form the basis of all we do and guide us in our everyday actions and can be summarised as:


Open Mind
To have an open mind means to constantly search for improvements, apply a positive attitude to change, encourage new ideas, and the freedom to act


Team Spirit
Within RBS, we act together as one team. Our team vision also includes close cooperation and relationships with customers and students worldwide


Fair Play
RBS has an explicit responsibility for its impact on society, business, and the environment. Fair trade, accuracy of services, equal opportunities, environmental concern, and respect for the individual are key concepts that must be secured


We are innovative, resourceful, and always looking for business improvement opportunities to ensure we are providing the highest standard


Commitment to Clients
We aim to engage in long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure that relevant, quality, and growth generating services are provided



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