Consulting Services

Consulting Services

As an academic institution, we leverage research and our balanced and impartial view to help solve major strategic issues. 

We believe that no proposal for organisational change is worth the paper it’s written on without a concrete, practical operational plan for implementation. We don’t just help clients to craft strategy. We go the distance, working in close cooperation with organisations to achieve lasting, effective improvement in performance by developing detailed programs to transform innovative visions into everyday working reality.

Our approach draws on Rhodes Business School’s unique combination of expertise in areas such as: industry research and analysis, social dynamics and diversity coaching and planning & execution.

Research and Experience


Working towards sustainable results


Psychology and Social Dynamics


Rhodes consultants combine the virtues of scholar and practitioner. They can draw on the school’s extensive resources and marketing leading research in fields such as leadership, change, strategy, and organisational development.

We make sure that insights don’t stay locked in an ivory tower; we combine them with four decades of practical, hands-on experience with organisations from across industry and the world.


Research tells us that the majority of change initiatives do not achieve their initial aims.

If you do what you always did then you get what you always got.

Rather than repeat the mistakes of the past, we help our clients to engage people in the process of change and unleash their energy, passion, and creativity to change the organisation and its culture.

By working with people over time, we support them to maintain focus, to learn from mistakes, and to confront difficulties when they arise in the change process.

By working in this way we build our clients’ capability to change themselves.


We’ve learned that organisations are only as good as the people who run them—and that even the most talented employees will fail if they can’t work effectively with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

We go to great lengths to help clients create high-performance teams whose members work effectively together, understand and share their organisation’s goals, and have the tools they need to pursue them.

As one of the few business schools offering a degree program in Leadership Diversity, we can provide unique support for individuals and organisations.

All of our consultants are highly qualified in the social sciences and have significant experience working in and with complex organisations, making them highly attuned to the needs of each of our clients.

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