Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions:

Questions – How long is the program and hours per week of face to face time?

Answer – For Flexible delivery the program is delivered over three 9-week semesters and is completed within 12 months. For Online its generally completed over 10 months, but you can finish as quickly as you wish depending on your keenness to complete. Rhodes Business School suggests one unit per month Online is a suitable pace.


Question – Where is the program delivered?

Answer – The Flexible program is delivered in the city at our training centre. All Rhodes Business School programs are delivered at Saxons Training Facilities in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


Question – What are the delivery options?

Answer – Flexible delivery, which includes face to face in our classroom (2 x 4hr lectures per week, over 10 weeks, 3 x 9 week semesters) and an Online component.

OR you can do it completely Online without any face to face classroom components.


Question – What’s the University Pathway Program (UPP) program all about?

Answer – The UPP is a University transition program designed to support your shift from school / Rhodes Business School to University. The program is delivered throughout the third semester of the PTU and covers the following topics:

Time, Stress & Self-Management Academic Transition & the System
University Study Skills Expectation and Social Responsibility


Question – What qualification do I exit with and do I have to go to University?

Answer – You graduate with a BSB50215 Diploma of Business that can lead into second year University. You don’t have to go to University as the Diploma is a nationally recognised qualification that employers are currently looking for.   


Question – Why would I do this program rather than apply straight for University?

Answer –    There are three main reasons for this program:

  1. If you aren’t sure University is for you. This gives you the option of completing the first year and at the minimum getting a Diploma qualification. If you decide not to go to University you still have a useful qualification to help your career.
  2. If you do want to enter University – you will have a choice of Universities, the benefit of a transition program rather than the initial shock of going from school to Uni, you will still have a Diploma qualification and you have lost no time.
  3. Our first year fees are more economical than first year University. Although there is no initial out of pocket payments for Uni you will pay it back once you start earning.


Employability and why Rhodes:


Question – Why should I do a Rhodes BSB50215 Diploma of Business over TAFE and other private providers?

Answer – The Rhodes Business School program is delivered in a professional location with the latest learning facilities. You have a more Flexible learning time table where you only have to come to class for approximately 9 hours per week. Also, you can transition between Flexible and Online with no additional paperwork or stress.     

Completing a Rhodes Business School diploma will also help you gain employment sooner as Rhodes Business School have a strong link with industry where as TAFE and most RTO’s don’t have a corporate training division.


Question – What are my employment options once I graduate?

Answer – You can start working in also most any industry as the Rhodes BSB50215 Diploma of Business has been designed as a general qualification allowing you to make the decision where you wish to work. As the diploma is a level 5 qualification you will most likely look at line / team leader level roles.     


Financial Questions:

Question – How much is the program fee?

Answer – For Online its $3200 and for Classroom (face to face) its $6500


Question – How are the fees to be paid?

Answer – The fees are paid over the 12 months or life of the qualification. You can pay in instalments (per unit of study).  Rhodes Business School have a discount of 10% for students who pay upfront.


Question – Is the program funded by the government?

Answer – No this a personally funded program. There is no funding for this qualification and as such if you do access the government student loan you will end up paying significantly more in the long run. This is why Rhodes Business School allows students to pay over 12 months or as little as $90 per week.


University Articulation Questions:

Question – What universities can I enter second year at?

Answer – Rhodes Business School have a range of options available depending on which city you wish to live and how you wish to study. The good news is you have another year to make this decision via Rhodes Business School. Please look at our website for a list of partner universities.

What is the process, do I have to apply through QTAC once I gain my Diploma qualification?

For those Universities we have a formal articulation though no, for all others you will need to apply through QTAC and Rhodes Business School can help with the process.


Enrolment Process Questions:

Question – How do enrol and when is the latest I can enrol?

Answer – You can enrol over the internet or we can have one of our student advisors talk you thought it over the phone or face to face. The latest you can enrol is one week prior to the start date.

Question – When do I have to pay my first fee component?

Answer – 10 days prior to starting the Flexible program and the day before if enrolling for the Online program

Question – Is there a cooling off period?

Answer – Yes we have a 10 day cooling off period where Rhodes Business School will refund the full amount of the fees paid, less the non-refundable application fee.


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