How Inclusive Leadership improves business performance

How Inclusive Leadership improves business performance

It’s a widely accepted belief, when employees are valued and treated well, they perform better at work and the overall business performance improves along with it. Making, inclusive leadership, a key element of effective management practices.

When people within an organisation are managed well, the overall organisational benefits go beyond cost reduction and efficiency. Below are the key areas that are affected when leaders in the business are inclusive:


Productivity: Good people management practices such as leadership focused around diversity can often increase productivity, as the employees are motivated, and it usually means that employees’ efforts are more clearly focused.

Innovation: Inclusive leadership is likely to increase an organisation’s ability to innovate, as it encourages the sharing of knowledge between different departments that won’t generally speak with each other. Imagine your marketing department talking to your R&D department, wouldn’t that be great?

Employee Retention:  Another benefit to inclusion is job satisfaction. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they tend to stay with the business longer. Higher employee retention saves businesses huge costs in training new starters and getting them upto speed.


Inclusive Leadership is a critical contributor to business success. This allows businesses to compete better, innovate and be more efficient.

People management is different and more tricky than managing tasks, but the good news is you can start becoming a more inclusive leader tomorrow, it’s as easy as hosting a BBQ for your team.


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