Non-Accredited Short Courses

Non – Accredited Short Courses

Rhodes Business School offers a wide range of non-accredited short-courses, the delivery of which is custom-designed to meet the specific targeted learning outcomes of the cohort and the organisation.

Our short courses can be delivered as stand-alone workshops, or as a group under the banner of a single program name with one topic naturally articulating to the next.

As well as providing relevant learning, our short-course facilitators focus on providing advice and strategies for transferring that learning to behaviour via our unique SMART learning methodology.

All Rhodes short-course workshop participants receive a personal Certificate of Attendance or, if an assessment is successfully completed, a Statement of Attainment. Where relevant, our programs can also be mapped to AQF competencies. 


Leadership Short Courses

  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills Program: The mentoring manager – coaching and mentoring your team members to succeed
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Execution: Leading a team from inception to successful implementation
  • Communication Skills Program: Communicating with influence – keeping your communication positive and powerful
  • Diversity Awareness and Management Program: Strength through diversity – understanding the unique needs and benefits of a diverse team
  • Emotional Intelligence Program: The insightful leader – recognising personality types and knowing the best way to lead them
  • Excellence in Worksite Management: Ensuring your worksite teams operate at peak performance
  • Influence, Negotiation and Conflict-Resolution Program: The win-win negotiator – negotiating successful outcomes
  • Leading Project Success: Bringing projects in on-time and in-budget
  • Leadership Skills Program: Impact leadership – developing highly effective leadership skills
  • Managing Workplace Bullying Program: The bully-free zone – ensuring your workplace is free of discrimination and harassment
  • Multi-Generational Management Program: The XYZ conundrum – managing a multi-generational workforce
  • Remote Team Management Program: Leading from afar – successfully managing teams at a distance
  • Safety Leadership Program: Engaged for safety – developing your staff’s safety mindset
  • Team Building Program: Building better teams – maximising your team’s engagement, interactivity and productivity
  • The Commando Leadership Academy: Nine missions to leadership success

Management Short Courses

  • Asset Management Program: Making the most of assets – essential asset management skills
  • Change Management Program: Change without chaos – change management essentials
  • Contract Management Program: Becoming the contracts wizard – developing high-level contract-negotiation and management skills
  • Manage Self Program: Developing the most efficient, reliable and professional you – manage self (time- and process management skills)
  • Performance Management Program: The positive performance manager – modern performance management systems and strategies
  • Project Management Program: Introduction to project management – project management fundamentals
  • Project Management Program: The enhanced project manager – advanced project management concepts and practice
  • Risk Management Program: Killing risk – fundamentals of risk management
  • Stress Management Program: Cool, calm and collected – workplace stress- and anxiety- management
  • Supply Chain Management Program: The well-oiled machine – supply-chain essentials
  • Sustainability Management Program: The sustainable manager – keeping your workplace and team efficient, environmentally friendly, ethical and profitable

Business Short Courses

  • Business Process Improvement Program: BPI – Developing the skills to identify, analyse and improve your business processes
  • Continuous Improvement Program: Ensuring excellence – building a continuous improvement mindset
  • Customer Centric Program: Customer-experience management – developing high-end customer service skills
  • Document-Writing Skills Program: Communicating the write way – developing professional business/technical document-writing skills
  • Finance and Accounting Program: Accounting comes alive – financial acumen for non-financial people
  • Innovation Program: Think differently! – innovation and creative problem-solving
  • Key Client Account Management Program: Seriously satisfied clients – building and managing strong client account relationships
  • Presentation Skills Program: Powerful presentations – how to impress your audience every single time
  • Recruitment Skills Program: Search, select and secure! – internal recruitment skills training
  • Sales Skills Program: Relationships = revenue – the modern business development professional
  • Strategy Program: The Napoleon mindset – developing winning strategic thinking, planning and implementation skills
  • Tender- and Proposal-Writing Program: Win that tender! – successful tender- and proposal-writing
  • The Winning Workforce: Creating a culture of success
  • Workplace Sustainability Program: The sustainable workplace – making your organisation more efficient, environmentally-friendly, ethical and profitable

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