University Preparation Program

What is the University Preparation Program?

The Rhodes Business School University Preparation Program (UPP) is a
complementary service available for all Pathway to University students, which has
been developed for students about to undertake the daunting transition from year 12
to university. The transition from a supportive collective environment to an
independent learner environment is momentous, and if not managed correctly will
have a detrimental impact on the success of your future higher education studies.

The Rhodes Business School UPP has been designed to give students the required
tools and understanding to navigate the first three to six months of university, while
aiming to reduce the stress of such a significant change.

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Phase 1: The Transition

As part of getting our students prepared for university, Rhodes Business School will
adjust our delivery style in each semester. For the first semester, students will be
monitored closely and given support when needed. They will be advised regularly of
what will be delivered and when they need to have their assessments submitted.

Phase 2: Mirroring University Learning

As they progress through the program the level of support and guidance they are
given will be lessened so that by semester three, they have confidently progressed
from dependent, guided learners to an independent learner who can cope with the
demands of a University program.

There is also a formal side to the Rhodes Business School University Preparation
Program, which is covered throughout your third and final semesters, as this is when
students start to mentally prepare for the rigour of all aspects of university life.


The Rhodes Business School UPP program is delivered over four sessions covering the below information:

Time, Stress & Self-Management Academic Transition & the System
University Study Skills Expectation and Social Responsibility


Delivered by experts

The program will be facilitated by current and past university students, dynamic
University Lecturers and Industry Psychologists specialising in personal development.
Our program is a snapshot into your future and its aim is to help prepare you for what
lies ahead. Effective planning is a major key to a successful transition.


Campus Tours

University campus tours will also be arranged for those students who would like to
visit a university and sit in on a real lecture, so they can see first-hand how lectures
are delivered and get a feel first hand for the exciting environment of university.

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